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Music: E-Enoch - Sugar Sugar || Gospel (+Lyrics)

E-Enoch  seems to be on fire this period in less than 3 month he has dropped 3 songs.. back to back.. this one titled  Suga Suga  was dropped for the Christmas Season Enjoy. Lyrics SUGAR SUGAR Sugar sugar ahn omieme Chrous (You put inside sugar sugar Honey My life just dea sweet o) ×2 (Your love dea do me Tikolo tikolo My life don better eh) ×2 Verse 1 (How can I appreciate you For all you've done for me o You don make my life better o Jesus You be baba) ×2 Repeat chorus V2 (I praise your Name I give you all the praise Because only you can do What you have done) ×2 Call - Kefee call you Resp - Kokoroko Call - Me I say o Resp - Wekelemo Am so grateful For what you have done (Help me say thank you Thank you) ×4 Sugar sugar ahn omieme ×4 The End #DYCBLOGS