Fast Rising Afrovibe Star Rockfada Announces Release Date For His Two New Tracks


TRACK ONE - COVER ME TRACK TWO - KO LAST Afrovibe artist Rockfada flexed the sinew of his versatility and creativity with the release of two hot tracks “Ko Last” and “Cover Me” which are like a single track carrying same story in two parts and flavoured with different vibes. The release of these two different flavoured sounds follows the wide acceptance and success of Rockfada’s debut EP “Defiant Rock” which earned total of over a million streams on all major streaming platforms. Cover Me is a pure afrovibe jam which is lyrically Rockfada’s prayers to God in melody to protect and guide him as he goes about chasing his dreams, being a defiant as expressed in his debut EP, he uses this song to further explain why he will keep working towards greatness despite the fact that people easily misjudge him. “As far as God is there seeing my intent and covering me, I will keep going regardless of the attacks against my person and ambition” ROCKFADA Ko Last is another prayer by Rockfada to God in melody to make his success and blessings endure the test of time. This track is delivered with hip-hop amapiano flavour to keep his fans dancing like he always does, he also stresses the need to enjoy every steps of one’s journey to greatness because the sweetest part of the story is mostly the adventure and not the destination. “I try my best always to enjoy every bit of the journey even while focusing on the destination” ROCKFADA   BIO: Born Akindele Gabriel Adeleke, Rockfada is an Africa Independent Artist. He started writing songs at a tender age of 12 while in social club in his early secondary school days, but he didn’t drop his first single until 2010 with the hit single “Wonle” which won him artist of the year and other awards back then at Federal University of Technology Akure. By May 2022, Rockfada dropped his debut 7 tracked EP as an independent Artist following several singles and featuring like YOLO, Dey With You, Motivated, How Far, Cool Down by Linton Marvis among many others. He has evolved and got better over the years as his sound keeps getting better and better. He describes his sound as Afrovibe because it carries core African sound blended with various vibes from around the world, he also is particular about speaking to the listener’s mind as much as he sings to their ears.  
“Monotony is boring, thats why you can’t find me where I was yesterday for I evolve daily; And that for the better” ROCKFADA “I don’t just want to sing to your ears, I want to communicate with your soul, if my song doesn’t make you better, it means you aren’t listening” ROCKFADA SOCIAL MEDIAL Twitter: @Therockfada Instagram: @Therockfada Youtube: @Rockfada On All Music Platforms: Rockfada For all Enquiries:

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