Gentlemen of the press, I welcome you to this press conference which is geared towards changing the narratives in the Nigeria Political System.
The youths seem not to be ready but willing and that's where IDEAL YOUTHS LAGOS comes in.
IDEAL YOUTHS LAGOS (IYL), is a  youth-centric arm of the Ideal Club(Founded by amiable and most distinguished Sen. Ganiyu Olanrewaju Solomon, GOS), constituting of vibrant progressive youths within the age of 18-31years, with high interest in politics from the grassroots and the mandate of making significant contributions to nationwide development from the grassroots, so as to change the political order, which has failed to fashion a Nigeria that works for all.

The rationale behind the existence of the group is to encourage and drive for youth participation in politics. As a congregation of youths, we believe we are in an advantageous position to enlighten and encourage youths to get involved and as such we are determined to do so with vigor through our various enlightenment projects, advocacy, intellectual engagements and interventional community projects with unflinching support from National leader, Grand Patron and mentor, the Founder of Ideal Club, Sen. GOS.
Eventhough our leader (GOS)is an APC man and that makes us members of the political party. But let me make this clarification that IYL is not just about APC, we chose to follow Sen. GOS because he's not a regular politician. He cares and dares to make a difference and that makes him an exemplary leader.  He always want to create a veritable environment for the realization of youths’ potentials and concern about well-being of the people generally.
Youths constitute a very large percentage of Nigeria's population, but when you go to any political party gathering in Nigeria today, majority of the people you see there are old people and youths that are either illiterate or semi-literate. This issue in particular affects a lot of things in the performance of our elite politicians, what they do is a reflection of the category of people that are active in politics.
With honesty and sincerity, Youths really want a better nation. Alas, we cannot get it by only active participation through social media. We need to be actively involved from the grassroots and stop being only keypad comrades. If a law-making arm consisting of semi-educated and highly ignorant lawmakers make a law today, especially if it affects a sector like education, finance or health, the highly educated and overtly skilled professionals of that particular sector must abide by it. Will we rather determine our future or put it in the hand of mediocres?
In the same vein, majority of the youths believe that the schemes and antics of the major stakeholders in Nigeria politics today will lead Nigeria into a state of indescribable human misery. But in order no to continue to stand aloof, creating a THIRD POLITICAL FORCE or total condemnation of our political leaders isn't the best way. As we have bad, corrupt politicians, so we have the good and incorruptible ones. It doesn't only exist in Nigeria, it's the same situation even in developed countries.
In the light of this, we don't necessarily need to alienate ourselves from them. Rather, let's get actively involved, discover the good ones among them, get acquainted to them and learn the rope of leadership, as there are still a lot to learn from the elders.

Meanwhile, political party's popularity is a key factor in determining who wins elections in Nigeria. Our political education has not gotten to the stage of eradicating populism and if we don't want to deceive ourselves, it cannot get there anytime soon.
To change the narratives, IYL calls on all progressive Nigerian youths to join this movement, get actively involved in politics from the grassroots. For we believe in actualization of  Nigeria dream through this mandate. It might be slow, but it's sure.
The present leadership of the IYL is composed of Youths with credible profile and great vision from across political, ethnic, regional and religious divides.
Below are the Officers of the IYL:
1. Salaam Adetunji Ayobami- State Coordinator
2. Akinboro Zaynab- Deputy State Coordinator
3. Adeniran Adetola- State Secretary
4. Ola Dolapo- State Assistant Secretary
5. Aleshinloye Oluwaseun- State P.R.O
6. Bamidele Olawale- State Treasurer
7. Ifada Victoria - State Welfare Secretary

However, other officers of the Movement, especially Local Government Coordinator s in Lagos State/Other State Coordinators in Nigeria will be announced at the official Launching of the group that will hold by Thursday November 22, 2018 at New Great Hall, LUTH Idi-Araba Lagos State by 10am.
Theme: Active participation of youths in the Nigeria Political realm;  a requisite to changing the narratives
Sub-theme: Not too young to run;  a sham or a realistic endeavour.

1. Hon. Desmond Olusola Elliot
2. Hon. Shina Peller

We have created a portal for youths to book seats at the launching.
Membership of the movement can be accessed through the following contacts:
You can also follow us social media;
Instagram: @IdealyouthsLagos
Twitter: @idealyouthLagos
Facebook: IdealYouthLagos
I thank you all for your audience and cooperative support. I look forward to receiving you at the venue.
Salaam Adetunji Ayobami,
Coordinator, Ideal Youths Lagos.

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