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Hello users, I just came across this website on the internet that is really trending and I decided to share it with you guys, I hope you'd love it.        What about Times Five? Times Five is a digital company developed by some group of engineers on an automated scale aimed at users answering a set of five questions correctly and such user will be awarded exactly times five of the stake the user drops.     

 How to play: Log on to www.timesfive.cash and register Fund your account with any amount (minimum ₦100) Drop a stake to play a game When you answer the five questions correctly. Gbam!!!.... You’ll be awarded exactly times five of your stake (the amount you drop) The stakes on www.timesfive.cash ₦50 = you’ll win ₦250 ₦100 = you’ll win ₦500 ₦200 = you’ll win ₦1,000 ₦500 = you’ll win ₦2,500 ₦1,000 = you’ll win ₦5,000       Invite a friend You can as well invite friends to play the game. And as the inviter, you’ll get 10% of the invitee’s first game win.   
  How many questions are there to win? There are just five questions to be answered. And when these questions are all answered correctly, the users will be awarded times five of whatever amount he drops (stake)

   Time session for a game When a user starts a game on the website (it’s called a session). A session consists of 50 seconds countdown. After the countdown of the 50 seconds, the site automatically submits the answer for the user and the result is shown afterwards (that is if the user doesn't submit before times up). But if you are able to finish before your time exhaust, you can submit yourself (But I will advise you to submit yourself don't wait for the server to submit for you).        What questions are asked? Yeah, of course, people will want to know the type of questions that are been asked on the website. The website offers general questions from all aspect such as (sports, current affairs, simple maths, science and technology, currencies of countries, etc). 

     Is Times Five genuine? Yes, times five is a genuine website and it is registered. Users have played the game, testified and also cash out their money. I am a living testimony.       Social media pages Facebook @ Times Five Twitter @ Times Five Instagram @ Times Five       What type of browser(s) does not support? For now, old opera mini browser does not fully support the operations on times five. But if you want to use opera mini, make sure it is not in 'data saving' mode. Instead, why not use google chrome. 

 Contact To ask a further question; contactus@timesfive.cash
 Whatsapp/call: +2349057288038

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