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I went straight to Kemi's room, I think it is high time I told her. My history with Kemi is way back from secondary school,she is a spirit filled Christian and she have been a source of encouragement to me in many ways.  Am sure Kemi will be mad at me for just telling her now,but I hope she understands. Lucky enough for me none of Kemi's roommate were around when I got to her room,  she was about to have her lunch when I came in.

“Kemi I need to tell you something, I can’t hold it in anymore” before I could finish my statement, tears have started rolling down my cheeks.
“What is it Jasmine?, are you ready to tell me what have been disturbing you all this while” she said as she tried to pat my back and calm me down
“Stop crying Jasmine, whatsoever the problem is remember that we have a God that is bigger than all the problems in this world” she added.
Kemi's word calmed me down, it was as if that will be the first time I will hear that statement “God is bigger than your problems “. I cleaned my tears and was trying to find the right word to use to start what am about to say.
“I was raped Kemi” the word dropped like a bomb
“What😲” Kemi exclaimed with her jaw dropping down wide
“who,When, How?” she asked altogether
“Samuel” I replied
“Which Samuel “ She asked anxiously
“Bro samuel, at our fellowship “ I added
“Bro samuel, the bible study secretary “ She asked to be sure
“Yes” I replied

I narrated how everything happened to Kemi,how he proposed though she knew about that and she was praying alongside with me, how he invited me to go out with him on his birthday and how I woke up hours later just to realise that I have been raped.
“So why didn’t you tell me when it happened,  am suppose to be your best friend.,or don’t you trust me again?”she asked feeling disappointed
“am sorry my dearest friend,  I trust you so much . I was just so shocked and ashamed of myself at the same time. I wasn’t thinking right” I explained
“Ok dear. This is not even the time for me to scold you anyways “ She said patting me at the back. She hugged me as I cried my eyes out. Opening up to her made me feel like the incident was reoccurring. It was like reopening a wound that was almost healed. We were in that "hugging-crying" state for few minutes .
“Do your parent know about this ?“ She asked breaking the silence
“No have not,they will be so shocked and disappointed “ I replied
“But still you should have told them, you should have reported to the police too, drugging you and raping you is a criminal offense you know?” she said
 Kemi is boiling with anger right now , if it is possible to measure the temperature of her anger it will be above 1000°c, and  she will be super angry if I tell her that the rapist is even blackmailing me.
“But why did you go to his room alone, you should know better. I have told you not to always trust people blindly, this should teach you a lesson” she said
“I have learnt my lesson my dear. I don’t think I will ever trust any man again in my life. I trusted Samuel I thought he was a Believer not knowing he was a deceiver. Kemi you don’t need to even tell me I have learnt my lesson ” I said.
“At least did you visit the hospital after the incident” she asked
“Hospital for what?” I asked
“don’t tell me you didn’t go to the hospital. That is one of the things you should have done,if you had told me immediately I would have taken you to the hospital right away. Forensic examination should have been carried out, this will have served as an evidence to nail that beast. And emergency contraceptive would have  be given to you to prevent pregnancy and antibiotics to prevent possible STI and antiretroviral treatment would prevent HIV. What if you become pregnant, or get infected what will you do then?”
“God forbid, what kind of things are you insinuating. I won’t be pregnant or get infected in Jesus name “ I quickly rejected it.
“You are beginning to become a typical Nigeria Jasmine, you now bind everything with Jesus name too” she said laughing
“So why are you still talking to that idiot, I can remember he called you aside after fellowship and after class few days ago, don’t tell me he was begging you or something?”She asked curiously
“that is the main reason why I am here, you won’t believe what am about to tell you. Samuel took nude pictures of me and he is threatening to release the pictures on social media unless I agree to date him. The most important is that few minutes ago he called me and I told him am still thinking about it,and I showed her the message he sent” I explained
“You must be kidding me right?, he has the guts to blackmail you. I can’t blame him self. I have you to blame,  if you had reported to the police immediately and you have gone to the hospital to do forensic examination there would have been enough evidence to put him in the cage where animals like him lives.” She said angrily.
“I hope you are not planning to go to his room because of this stupid message that he sent to you” she added.
“I don’t know what to do exactly, and that is why I am here I need your advice.please help me Kemi,am so confused.” I said
“ So you only remember me when you are in trouble and when you need advice, no problem o” she said angrily .
“Kemi am sorry,but this is not the time to scold me. Please let’s think together is there any other way I can save the little pride and integrity I have left. I can’t let Samuel release those pictures, he even have a dozen of the pictures on his phone” I said
“there is always a way. Give me a minute to think about something “ She said
“we need to get an evidence, a very substantial one at that” she added
“So Where do we get the evidence from now, can we still do the forensic examination?”
“Forensic examination at what time, Jasmine you just keep falling my hand.that can only be done within 24hours after the incident. We will need to set him up to get some evidence” she said
Kemi was still thinking about a way out when my phone rang. It was Samuel calling. An hour has passed already and he was still expecting me.” What should I tell him” I said aloud. “Give him an excuse and talk to him calmly,tell him you will come after class tomorrow “ Kemi said.

I picked the call and told Samuel that I will come after class tomorrow,  he was happy , am sure he must be planning another evil. But I will also be going fully prepared for him. Once bitten twice shy they say.

“Tomorrow is another day” Kemi said has we continued to think about what to do next.
I can't get Kemi's questions off my mind ,what if I am infected with Gonorrhea, Syphilis or worse still HIV. What if i become pregnant?" God forbid" I kept repeating that phrase anytime the thought comes to my mind.

To be continued


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