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Reading Can Change Your Life - ETCSINES

As I put pen to paper and write on how reading can change your life, I am irresistibly drawn to the urge to share my personal experience from my early years as an adolescent. I was in my second year in secondary school, I could hardly participate in conversation or communicate properly, I was reserved and drawn to my self, my self esteem and confidence were at its lowest ebb, I desperately searched for a solution. 

Purpose of Reading, "Are all Readers Leaders?" - ETCSINES

When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable, these were the words of the Late Dr. Myles Munroe. I have come to realize that if the essence of something is not well spelled out,

Are all Readers Leaders, Are all Crammers Readers, Are all Leaders Crammers? 2 - ETCSINES

I will start by asking this question? Do you know the difference between Bill Gate, Steve Jobs, your class teacher and your grandfather? The difference between them is the "knowledge" they have gotten through "reading".

INSPIRATIONAL!!! Queen Of The Dark” Insists She Will Never Bleach Her Skin For Whatsoever Amount (Photos)

A stunning Sudanese model who became a fashion icon after moving to the US from a refugee camp has detailed the cruel bullying she faced growing up, at the hand of classmates who thought her skin was ‘too black’, according to Dailymail.

The Last Exam Failure - ETCSINES

No one wants to fail, No one wants to be tagged a failure. While some see failure as an opportune to do more and get the desire result, others sees it as the *End of the Road*.

Founder of Wizchat Set To Visit Google

Adeoye olushola Founder Wizchat To visit Google .

Adeoye Olushola Set to sign an android deal Under Wizchat's Gaming And technology With Dmitry

Title:wizchat memo,Content:Wizchat Founder  Adeoye Olushola Set to sign an android deal Under Wizchat's Gaming And technology With Dmitry (quickappNinja) Worth $50,000 daily .

Adequate Study Time - ETCSINES

The word "Adequate" means to make equal or provide ample opportunity for a particular endeavor. To create adequate study time between your academic activities such has attending lectures and your social activities, they are some factors to consider.

The Exam Tension - ETCSINES

Seated in the hall as I awaited the invigilator to give me a question paper, I looked around the hall and sighted Jane all sweaty and gross looking trying to decide answers to the questions. 

Piling of Lecture Note - ETCSINES

Have you ever wondered how you can bomb a test after studying for hours? A poor test result after many hours of faithful studying is a real confidence buster! If this happens to you, it’s possible that your current study habits are failing you! But you can turn it around.

The Upcoming/Pre-Exam Tension Syndrome - ETCSINES

The fear of failure, The zeal to prove that you can do better, the pressure from friends and family, all these and some other factors constitute the *Pre-Exam Tension Syndrome*. 

Google launches app to reduce high mobile data usage

Google has launched a new app known as Datally to help smartphone users understand, control and save mobile data.

Atiku Replies Comedian I Go Dye’s Open Letter – “Dear I Go Dye”

Some days ago, Nigerian comedian I Go Dye wrote an open letter via Instagram to former vice-president of Nigeria and a 2019 presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubaka, telling him not to use sentimental empathy on the youths to forward his political ambitions.

Why Hasn't Extra Curricular Activities Increased The Number Of Readers - ETCSINES

Questions like these are germane and expedient for all students to know in Nigeria Educational Sector, why hasn't extracurricular activities increase the number of readers when it aid reading. The following point will answer it.

Do Cramming and Reading share the same advantage? - ETCSINES

At the very beginning you might feel comfortable cramming feeling like the advantage is more than reading to assimilate but when you will understand that there is no advantage to cramming is when you leave school and the first class you crammed for doesn't put food on your table because you can't put what you crammed into practice.

Are Readers Leaders? (Part 2) - ETCSINES

        Reading is gaining experiences from people, even those far away, people you've never seen or met and may probably not throughout your entire lifetime.

Meet The Man Who Needs To Drink 20 Liters Of Water Per Day Just To Stay Alive

A man has been found out to have a health condition that makes drink about 20 liters of water every day just to keep staying alive.


The NYSC permanent orientation camp kusala Dam,  karaye Kano state today witnessed a chaotic moment  as the corps member complain of incessant punishment melted on by camp commandant.

Are Readers Leaders? - ETCSINES

It's a well known catch-phrase and fact that *"All readers are leaders but not all leaders are readers"* We'll be looking at this in relation to our theme,