300-level student accused of stealing sponge for money ritual

*By Olaniyi Aderuku*
Pandemonium broke out in Male Hostel 4 (Block 8) when a 300-level student, Biodun, accused his room mate, Kayode, of stealing his sponge with the intention of using it for money ritual. (real names withheld)

The incident happened on Tuesday, May 30th, at about 6:30pm.

Biodun reportedly assaulted his room mate with a metal for failing to provide his sponge that he locked in his locker before leaving the hostel.

He explained that Kayode was the last person he left in the room when he left the hostel in the morning, adding that he (Kayode) was looking at him mischievously before he left.

Biodun stated that, on returning to the hostel in the evening, he opened his locker only to find out that his sponge was already missing. He also said that even though he locked his locker, it was possible for someone to open the lower part of the locker and remove something from it.

Speaking further, Biodun revealed that his room mate was always in the habit of saying that he would engage in money ritual. Multiple sources within the male hostel also said that Kayode had been seen on different occasions making use of black soaps to bath.

On the other hand, Kayode denied having any knowledge of the missing sponge lamenting that no sponge was found on him before he was being assaulted. The accused said he was being set up by people who only hated him for recently acquiring an iphone 6 and iphone 7 plus. He alleged that his enemies wanted him dead.

He, however, admitted that he had been saying that he would resort to money ritual, but he said that he was only joking about it.

The case has been transferred to the security unit at the school gate. At the time of filing this report, only the accused refused to write a statement stressing that he was "emotionally imbalanced" and therefore, unable to carry a pen. He also said he wasn't going to sleep in the university and that he was ready to denounce his studentship in JABU due to the unending hatred coming from different quarters.

The missing sponge is yet to be found.

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