No Matter What Believe In Yourself

Do you always believe in yourself?
That word rocks my heart  for some while now and am like am going to share with my blog readers.

What are the things you think about that have even  make you not to believe in yourself again I we tell you because  that also happened to me before I realised that all is for a short while
Believing in yourself is the first and number one thing you should think of is that if you believe in anybody before yourself they we fail you,hurt you and it we pain you so much that you won't want to forgive but less I forget so many  rich men and woman you see today have so much believe in them self that's why they are always smiling having no problem and thing tends to go smoothly
So why worry and not believing in yourself the first, second, third, fourth,  even tenth time might be failing  but it's not bad trying harder and give a try to what you do and believe in yourself
Let friends leave you even despise you, don't bother look at  yourself and say all hope is not loss
Ben carson who you all call one of the best neurosurgeon in the world today had been mocked even despise by friends but today he is well reckon with.
Don't think something is getting late don't rush don't panic all you need is to be patient, hope for the best and believe in yourself that something good we come out from you
Finally I we say and I quote Don't allow people with no purpose to distract you away
from yours. Some people just don't deserve the opportunity
to faze you or the power to make you mad. You will get it
wrong at times, so expect to be judged, expect to be
doubted, expect to be talked about; but understand that
your mission is greater than your mistakes. Don't waste
valuable time trying to prove yourself to pointless people.
Accept where you've been, understand where you are, &
focus on where you're going. Let God handle the

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