Woman born with conjoined twin stuck to her butt says she's never had a boyfriend due to the deformity

A 35-year-old woman simply identified as Addie, who was born with a conjoined twin attached to her bum bum says she has never had a boyfriend and has never been intimate with a man because of her deformity and that she barely has a social life because she was bullied & had self-esteem issues

Appearing on TV show, Botched By Nature, Addie said she hoped that Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif would be able to help her fix her bum...

Talking about her condition, Addie's mum said she didn't know she had conjoined twins until Addie was born.
"I had an ultrasound and they didn’t see it. They just saw the one, healthy baby," she tells the doctors. "So it must have been quite a shock when Addie was born and they suddenly scooped her away.

Dr. Dubrow asks: What happened?"
"They told me that it was a Siamese twin. But I never got to see it because they always kept it wrapped. They wouldn’t let me see it." "They probably knew that the twin wasn’t viable. And in your condition, having just delivered, they probably didn't want to upset you."
Addie then reveals that her deformity wasn't that much of an issue until she reached her teens.
"When I got dressed for PE, the girls knew it. They noticed me. They started teasing me and started calling me hurtful names. The reason I’m so shy is because the bullying caused me to isolate myself from everyone. I didn’t want to get hurt anymore," she reveals.
She adds: "I’ve never really had a social life and when I dated it was more like a friendship. It was never an intimate relationship."
"I think it was because she was ashamed,” her mum adds.
"Is that true?"

"Yes," an emotional Addie replies before the doctors tell her they hope they can help.

Explaining how he planned to change Addie's life, Dr Dubrow explained the procedure;
"I really want to take the central concavity and just make it go away. My plan is to first perform liposuction on the flanks, next I’m going to have to make incisions on both cheeks, lift up the scar tissue and remove some skin.
"Then I will close the incisions in a way that will hide her scars by moving them towards the inner cleft and will get rid of the big dent on the right.
"Lastly, I will use the fat I took from the liposuction to fill any remaining concavity."
This is what the doctors were able to do...and Addie was happy with the result

Source: Botched By Nature/UK Mirror

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