See What Happened To Boko Haram Members Who Attacked Soldiers In Borno

Nigerian troops while on clearance patrol along
Banki junction on Monday encountered a Boko
Haram terrorists ambush at Bolungu village
which was successfully cleared.
The troops killed all the 3 attackers and also
recovered 1 Fabrique Nationale rifle with
registration number UE16A86257 and 1G3 rifle
with registration number 10f995, as well as 19
rounds of 7.62mm (NATO) ammunition.
Similarly, some element of the unit stationed in
Mayanti encountered 2 fleeing Boko Haram
terrorists from the villages cleared yesterday and
killed 1 while trying to shot the troops and
arrested the other.
The arrested suspected terrorists has been
making very useful statements. The troops
recovered 5 bicycles, bags of grains and other
In a related development, the unit today, cleared
more more Boko Haram terrorists enclaves and
hideouts Gare village around Sambisa forest.
During the operation, the troops killed 1
terrorist who attacked a soldier with cutlass and
arrested 4 other suspected Boko Haram terrorist
group members.
The troops also rescued 36 persons, comprising 2
men, 9 women and 26 children and recovered 2
mobile telephone handset.

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