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10 Things You Should Do Before Your Final Year In School

By this time in the next two years or so, you would have been rounding off your undergraduate programme. If you want to be sure you had prepared for life after campus, you’ve got to start these right from now! This is actually based on the notion that you’ve already taken a decision on what you want to be in future. As you get ready for that priced time regarded as ‘final year’, here are the top ten things you should consider doing ahead of then. Participate in Career Advancement Event :  They are many around. From conferences to seminars, workshops to symposia and from competitions to contests, from grants to scholarships, the list is endless. It only takes discerning minds to identify one. In line with your future aspiration most especially, it is important you attend such career advancement events. Use career advancement websites or google, ask a professional in the field to keep a tab on upcoming career advancement events ahead. Earn the trust of others: Are you the cu